Customized Rubber 3D Logo Label PVC Embossed Engraved Rubber Patch For Armed Forces

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PVC patches are custom made to survive any kind of environment you can imagine. Just like a traditional embroidered patch, they are easy to attach to anything from jackets and vests to hats and backpacks. They’re also waterproof and easily withstand cold temperatures, making them perfect for any activity from an afternoon on the ocean to cutting up snowy slopes in the mountains.

Even if you don’t plan on your patches getting into trouble outside, custom PVC patches are durable, easy to wash and have the best options for layered design and custom 3D artwork. And while it may sound like PVC patches only fit the needs of our more active customers, the truth is that you can find them just about anywhere.

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What is PVC?

It is a type of plastic that resembles soft rubber, that is known for its strength and is lightweight, making it the perfect material to create a pvc patch. They are highly waterproof, making it the ideal material for use in the outdoors, in the military, police, fire departments and any club that is exposed to the weather.

Things To Consider When Creating PVC Patches

● Sew-on patches: a permanent way to add them to your uniform, hats or clothing, you can sew it directly onto clothes, jackets, bags, etc.
● Available with Adhesive Backing: similar to the iron-on, ideal on smooth non-fabric surfaces.
● Velcro Patches: Add hook-and-loop fasteners. One part is on the back and the other gets sewn onto the garment. This allows for easy removal. They can be attached in a number of different ways.
● Adding glow in the dark color can allow your design to be seen at night and is a fun way to have parts of your logo stand out.
● Adding 3D allows for your image to have a sculpted surface.
● Add additional printing on parts of your design that you would like to have extra details.

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Customizable Sizes & Shapes

There is really no limit when it comes to choosing the size or shape for your custom PVC patches. It is up to your imagination and needs. Pricing will depend on the height and width of your design. PVC is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride and why they feel like soft rubber and they can be molded into any shape or size. They are tuff and durable and made for outdoor gear.

Because our patches are fabricated by using soft, malleable rubber, creating your pieces in any shape, and in a multitude of sizes and thicknesses is available. The size and thickness should depend on the intended use, who will be receiving the finished patches, and your overall budget. We are capable of creating artwork as small as ⅝", as large as 16 inches. The thickness is also customizable, offered in varied sizes between 1 and 4 mm, depending on what would best suit your brand. Typically, our standard thickness is 2.5 mm for a standard 2.75" logo, but we will work with you in determining what is best for your overall concept.

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Product Name: Custom Embossed 3d Soft Garment Pvc Patch.
Color, Shape and Logo: Welcome Customized, Let Your Logo Unique.
Size:Commonly Use Size, Make Appointed Size to Match Your Products.
Material: PVC Silicone.
Design and Advise: Free Design And Skilled Support, Put Your Good Ideal into Reality.
Technics: order: Soft Ultrasonic Cut, Heat Cut, Laser Cut,  Merrow Border.
Backing : Velcr / hook and loop, Iron on, Non-woven, Adhesive Back, Hook-and-Loop Fastener.
Fold Meathod: End Folded, Center Folded, Miter Folded or Straight-cut.
Our Professional, Your Satisfaction.
Usage: Garments, Bags, Shoes, Hats, Gifts, Luggage, Toy, Towel Products, Home Textiles Etc.
Package: Normally 500 PCS in PP Bag or Small Box, Accept Your Special Demands, Let You Save Time and Worries.
MOQ: Low MOQ to Avoid Unnecessary Waste of Your Products and Money, Not Less Than 300 PCS.
Shipping: By Air or Sea. If Choose By Air, it is Faster Like You Purchase from Local Market.

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 1. What is your minimum order for Rubber Patches?
Our minimum order is 500 pieces. Anything lower than this we are unable to produce at a low cost to you.
Which file formats do you accept for submitted artwork?You can send your art in whichever format you'd like. Our Art Department's preferred file formats are cdr, eps, pdf, ai, svg. We will also accept psd, jpg, gif, bmp, tif, png. No pubs or embroidery files please!

2. Will I be able to see a sample of my Rubber Patches before they are all made?
Yes. free sample after payment, we will email you a sewn sample of your actual label within three business days of artwork approval.

3. How long will it take to receive my Patches?
Production is normally 6~9 business days from final digital proof or sample approval date.

4. Is there a standard Rubber Patches size?
No. All the Patches we do are custom, however our most popular sizes for Rubber Patches are 20x50mm (3/4"x 2").

5. Will my Patches come out looking like my art?
Yes, your Patches will look like the artwork upon which it is based. If your design has very small or extra fine detail, Printed Patches are a good alternative.

6. How many colors may I have in my Rubber Patches?
Our Rubber Patches production machines produce Patches with a maximum of 12 colors. All 12 of these colors are included at no extra charge to you. Because Rubber Patches allow for significant blending of colors, often, the look of more colors is easily achieved.

7. How do I choose colors?
Unless you have particular Pantone ; or exact colors that must be on your design, our artists will match the colors in your design as closely as possible to our thread colors (We do not always guarantee an exact match). please contact us ask for thread colors chart.

8. What is the smallest lettering can be?
Without sacrificing quality and legibility, all lettering should be the equivalent of 10 points(2mm height) or larger in a standard word processing program.

9. What different backings can go on my Patches?
HEATSEAL: Another word for iron-on. Allows you to apply your patch onto a garment using a home iron. If you are planning to wash your garment more than 50-80 times after the patch is applied, it is recommended that the heatseal only be used for pre-placement before sewing, and then followed up with a few tag stitches along the patch to hold it in place longer. NOTE: Heatseal will NOT stick to nylon.?VELCRO: One (hook) side or both sides are available?

ADHESIVE: This is a peel and stick backing to hold a patch is place for a single event. Will not hold up to machine washing. If you desire your patch to stay in place permanently, go with the heat seal option, or plastic and sew your patches.

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